No run-offs, please

Keeping one eye on the election returns while I continue cleaning and putting things back after the interior painting. My hope is for a clear winner in every race. In Georgia, this means someone receives 50% or better of the votes cast. I don’t think I can stomach another two months of campaign ads in the Warnock v. Walker race for the US Senate seat.

Right now, Governor Kemp and Senator Warnock are leading their respective races. That’s pretty much what the political pundits predicted. We’ll see if that continues to hold as the night goes on.

The local races – especially the school board and state house rep – are the ones I’m most interested in. Districts were redrawn very creatively this year. I have no idea how we wound up in the districts we’re now in, but we obviously don’t matter to the candidates as we received no visits, no mailers and no phone calls from any of them.

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