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Stay curious

Montessori education is based on the premise that the interests of the child guide the lessons and areas of study. We need to adopt this philosophy as adults. Do you actively spent time exploring things that interest you? Read a book on the topic,… Continue Reading “Stay curious”

Paper or digital planner?

How about both? I adore my paper planner. Some days I’d truly be lost without it! A classic size weekly format planner from The Happy Planner is my current fave. Many of my teacher colleagues use the bigger size with giant binder rings, but… Continue Reading “Paper or digital planner?”

Looking forward to:

Middle Georgia Shop Hop Original Sewing Expo Quilt Fest in Greenville, SC Mountain QuiltFest in Pigeon Forge, TN Georgia Celebrates Quilts in Marietta, GA This gets me through mid-June! Still figuring out the back half of 2022 with regard to quilty travel. My dilemma… Continue Reading “Looking forward to:”

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