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So what’s next?

We leave for our long-awaited anniversary trip in two weeks. I can’t wait! We had so much fun on our Utah trip that we agreed we needed to get away more often. Going forward, we’ll shorten the our typical 7-10 day trip time to… Continue Reading “So what’s next?”

It’s fall y’all

At long last – my favorite season – FALL. Cool crisp nights Clear blue skiesColorful treesCozy sweaters It’s like a pause that refreshes between summer’s heat & humidity and the bone-chilling cold of winter. The locals are predicting the coming winter to be quite… Continue Reading “It’s fall y’all”

Classes and Lectures @ The Garden of Quilts

This was such a fun trip! I took many, many more pictures of the gardens, quilts and wide open landscapes around me than I did of what was going on in my classes. My goal was to take two photos per class – one… Continue Reading “Classes and Lectures @ The Garden of Quilts”

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