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What does your dream quilting space look like?

“For the experienced quilt maker, having a dedicated space in your home to sew can foster creativity and provide uninterrupted concentration. While having a large space comes in handy, any small area in your home that can accommodate fabric storage, machinery, craft tables, and… Continue Reading “What does your dream quilting space look like?”

keeping IT quiet

It’s been a little quiet on the blog front as I edit/update/remove certain content on the blog. There’s a highly controversial and draconian social media policy for employees being floated at the day job that will be voted on by the leadership later this… Continue Reading “keeping IT quiet”

Have you checked out featherweight prices lately?

Meet Juliette. She’s a base model Featherweight. No special badging, no special paint job, just a sweet little machine that sews like a champ. I paid $350.00 for her in late 2009. And I thought that was a lot of money at the time.… Continue Reading “Have you checked out featherweight prices lately?”

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