A sense of peace

It’s Sunday evening. I’m sitting on my lower porch enjoying the cool breeze and listening to the birds sing as I work on hubby’s quilt. All is well. Only two more weeks until I make the leap from public school library teacher to early retiree. It’s such a relief to be exiting the firestorm that currently surrounds public education.

Will I miss certain parts of the job? Absolutely! I’ve been told that the first “back-to-school” time after retirement is the hardest. Part of this may be eased by the fact one of my volunteer assignments as a READ team with Sadie will be at an area elementary school. We’ll read with 4-5 students individually on a biweekly basis for about 60-90 minutes total each visit. This may eventually mean letting another team take over for us at the public library, but I’m okay with that.

My focus now shifts to my own health & wellness, quilting, travel and spending time with hubby. He surprised me with last minute Braves tickets for Friday night’s game. Date night was a lot of fun. He’d discovered the wonders of StubHub and scored some really good seats at rock-bottom prices. Now he’s monitoring ticket prices for the upcoming Kenny G. performance (ticket prices way too high for my budget).

Stepping away from my job a year sooner than planned does mean some trade-offs, especially in today’s economy. The biggest impact for us will be felt in the travel category. We’ll go ahead with the trips already booked. We planned to do an epic road trip in late summer to Mackinac Island in Michigan’s U.P., but soaring gas prices (along with everything else) put that on hold. For now, our excursions will be day trips closer to home and be free or low cost where possible. I’ll make full use of the free park passes that I can check-out from my local public library! Reading books and magazines in the free Libby app has saved a ton, as well. Plus, there’s no paper clutter and no having to drive to the library to return items.

Quilty activities are likely to increase with weekly sew-ins with friends and former co-workers. Looking forward to getting those precut kits finished and donated! Biz activities are on the increase, too, with five custom quilts on the books, summer camps and some stitching for the local artisan market.

I’ve very thankful to be able to pull the early retirement lever. So looking forward to a bit of rest, travel and lots of fun in the coming months.

Peace be with you.

11 more days…

It was harder than I thought to tell my boss this morning that I would not be back next year. I actually cried for about 15 minutes afterwards. I will definitely be leaving a piece of my heart behind in that little school library. I accomplished my mission of leaving the library in much better condition than I found it. Time for someone else to come in and put their own spin on it.

Time to bring home only those things I’ll truly use and give away/leave the rest. I have a couple of brand new teachers who will thrilled to have some of my stuff to outfit their classrooms next year. Win-win for both of us!

And my number is 14…

on the list of people officially leaving my school at the end of May. On Monday, we had one final check-in with our financial planner before I drafted my official resignation letter. I am still waiting to get in to see the big boss, whom I have to officially notify. I did tell two trusted coworkers, who were happy for me and completely agreed it was the right to do, but were a bit dismayed to learn that I am actually leaving. Next year is shaping up to be more of the same. I made the right call. It’s simply not worth the stress.

Let’s start packing!.

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