What does your dream quilting space look like?

“For the experienced quilt maker, having a dedicated space in your home to sew can foster creativity and provide uninterrupted concentration. While having a large space comes in handy, any small area in your home that can accommodate fabric storage, machinery, craft tables, and working space is all you need.

If you are looking to create a quilting room in your home, look no further. Redfin reached out to quilting experts from Vancouver, BC to Miami, FL, including myself, to get our best tips on creating the ultimate quilting room. Click here to see what we had to say.” 

Yes, Redfin really did reach out to me for a contribution to the article!

I was so surprised and flattered to be asked to contribute – especially when I saw the names of some of the other contributors. I guess I really am considered an industry professional now! [Still pinching myself.]

My current studio is located in our basement. I designed the space while we were still in the blueprint stage of building our current home. I love the large, open space in my main studio area and the amount of natural daylight that pours in. I teach privately out of my home studio and I also quilt most of my own quilts, so the space frequently serves multiple purposes at the same time.

Enter my 6-foot folding table and chairs from Costco. This gets set up for classes, sewing with friends, or even extra desk space when I am making project kits for students.

It also serves as an extension table when I need to baste a large quilt. I was desperate after a particularly painful “on-the-floor” quilt basting session. I needed to find a stand-up solution for my larger quilts. I could baste baby/lap quilts on my existing cutting table, but needed more surface area to handle larger quilts.

Here’s what I came up with to test drive my idea to raise up the folding table to match the height of my cutting table:

Testing suitability of folding table as additional work space

Not pretty and not sustainable, but enough to know I had a solution to increase my cutting table surface area whenever I needed it. Now, to figure the best way to provide the needed lift. Answer: bed risers from the local Ace Hardware store.

Bed risers turned out to be the perfect solution!

Needs change over time. Thanks to COVID-19, hubby has claimed the home office. The kitchen table and outdoor patio set work in a pinch, but it’s not a long-term solution. I’m working on reconfiguring my studio space to install a dedicated office area for me. 🙂

keeping IT quiet

It’s been a little quiet on the blog front as I edit/update/remove certain content on the blog. There’s a highly controversial and draconian social media policy for employees being floated at the day job that will be voted on by the leadership later this week. It’s most likely going to be approved.

I signed an employment contract to be a teacher for the upcoming school year. In doing so, I did not sign a vow of poverty, nor did I sign away my right to have an opinion or express that opinion. I am a professional. I fully understand that I am to post positive press (or sanitized articles provided by the employer) on any social media I may manage for the organization, but to be trolling my personal/biz social media feeds for *insert laundry list of potential offenses here* is ridiculous. I know I am held to a higher standard of ethical conduct because of my profession, but I am entitled to a private personal life, too.

I will most definitely be disconnecting any day job related social media accounts from all of my personal devices. If they want information sent out, then they can unblock Twitter, FB & IG at the local school level or pay for an aggregator service that will allow me to post during school hours. I’m no longer footing the bill for job related social media postings using my personal devices or data connections. Nope!

Have you checked out featherweight prices lately?

Singer Featherweight Model 221, circa 1950

Meet Juliette. She’s a base model Featherweight. No special badging, no special paint job, just a sweet little machine that sews like a champ. I paid $350.00 for her in late 2009. And I thought that was a lot of money at the time.

Fast forward to 2021. Can you believe some base model Featherweights are selling for close to $1,000.00 now? A repainted Featherweight can be double that!

It’s kind of like the houses in my neighborhood. Home values have really jumped over the past 18 months due to desirability of the area and scarcity of available homes. It’s the same with Featherweights.

I also wonder if part of the recent spike in prices and demand for Singer Featherweights was driven by people stuck at home with nothing else to do with their time and money except buy 70-year-old sewing machines.

We’ll see what happens once the world comes back to life post-COVID.

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