Stay curious

Montessori education is based on the premise that the interests of the child guide the lessons and areas of study. We need to adopt this philosophy as adults. Do you actively spent time exploring things that interest you? Read a book on the topic, watch a video online, attend an informal demonstration or even take a class?

This week I’ve been able to learn more about live-streaming events at work. It was so much fun to research and try out different methods to use with our existing infrastructure and equipment. My remote “broadcast booth” amounted to my work laptop, an upgraded external webcam mounted on a tiny tripod and a borrowed Yeti Pro microphone set atop a 42″ tall audiovisual cart. We streamed via Microsoft Teams to classrooms and parents who attended the events virtually. It worked! Plus, it saved me having to haul all of the school’s broadcast studio equipment into the cafeteria to do the event live. 🙂

This same curiosity extends to trying out different methods to make quilt blocks, learning about new sewing/quilting gadgets, taking new sewing machines for a road test, trying to come up with a hack to keep my machine from eating HSTs because the machine I’m using doesn’t have a straight stitch needle plate. I posted on Instagram showing my go-to hack and asking Baby Lock to please develop one for the Jubilant. I actually have an extra needle plate on order so I can modify the current straight stitch plate and make it work with my machine. Not sure if I’ll attempt it or ask a local machine shop to do the honors. Either way, It certainly doesn’t hurt to try.

So stay curious, my friends!

Paper or digital planner?

How about both?

I adore my paper planner. Some days I’d truly be lost without it! A classic size weekly format planner from The Happy Planner is my current fave. Many of my teacher colleagues use the bigger size with giant binder rings, but I find this one is the perfect size for me. I also like the fact it is totally customizable and I can transfer pages/info I need to keep to a larger 8-1/2″X11″ disc-bound notebook.

My digital calendar keeps track of birthdays, other important recurring dates, bill due dates, prescription refill reminders, quilting events and other ongoing weekly reminders. Sunday mornings are my dedicated weekly planning time. I pull up my digital calendar and write out everything for the upcoming week in my paper planner. The system works for me.

I’m trying to use the digital calendar app on my phone so hubby and I can share calendars once he retires. It’s cumbersome, but I do like that everything is right there on my phone. All I need is a small notebook and pen to jot quick notes when I’m running around. The big planner can stay home.

For me, the paper planner is a must when planning/tracking quilting projects. ‘Nuff said.

Looking forward to:

  • Middle Georgia Shop Hop
  • Original Sewing Expo
  • Quilt Fest in Greenville, SC
  • Mountain QuiltFest in Pigeon Forge, TN
  • Georgia Celebrates Quilts in Marietta, GA

This gets me through mid-June! Still figuring out the back half of 2022 with regard to quilty travel.

My dilemma is: “Am I really ready to stop working?”. Yes, when it comes to leaving the current day job. I’ve been researching other opportunities in the district for someone with my particular qualifications, but honestly, I’m ready for an extended break from education.

Then, there’s the potential to expand my sewing and crafting biz:

The SE Quilt & Textile Museum is interested in having me come onboard for regular classes and July/August sewing camps.

A coworker wants me to make a butterfly memory quilt out of her step-father’s shirts as a gift to her mom.

More quilt and craft shops are looking for teachers…magazines want writers…designers want technical editors.

Parents want camps and extracurricular opportunities for their kids.

Members in my FB groups are voracious purchasers of anything I put up for sale. Selling this way avoids potentially steep Etsy fees. It’s also a target rich environment. It’s also fun to make a sale and help a customer.

It’s a lot to ponder.

78 more contract days until this phase comes to a close and a new one begins!

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