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Sewing Instruction, Tech Editing & Supplies

Sewing De-Mystified

Do you want to learn how to sew?  I specialize in introducing newbie stitchers to their brand, spanking new (or new to them at least!) sewing machines. Instruction is project-based and geared toward beginner/intermediate stitchers.  Projects are specifically designed to help new stitchers develop confidence with their sewing skills.  I’ve been told I have the patience of a saint and that my classes are fun!   Monthly classes and school break/summer camps for kids of all ages are offered at Stitch N Quilt in Mableton.

Tech Editing for Quilt Pattern Designers

Sure, you can always DIY or have a friend look things over.  However, an investment in the services of a good tech editor can help improve readability and minimize the risk of errors in your patterns. You could see increased sales because customers associate your wonderful designs with projects they can actually make.

Why hire me?

  • Certified teacher-librarian with a LOT of experience producing curriculum materials and developing professional learning modules (not to mention editing student work).
  • 20 years of quilting and sewing experience.
  • Confidentiality is assured.
  • Client base includes designers from the U.S., Canada and Australia.

Rates:  $30/hour & up.  A pattern can take 2-4 hours to edit, depending on length and complexity. You will get more value for your money if your pattern has already been field tested before sending it to me.

Turnaround time:  Normally 1-2 weeks.  If you have a firm deadline, please communicate this when sending your pattern for editing.

Notes:  Projects should be submitted complete with graphics, charts, illustrations, pattern pieces and any other visual aids. I am not able to produce visuals or perform pattern grading at this time.

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