Another quilt shop closing

Ding! Text message from our local quilty home stating the shop lost its lease and is closing. Big sale now through Saturday. Wait-what? Sadie’s about to lose her quilt shop? She absolutely adores the owners and enjoys our biweekly visits. Hubs just reminded me I need to take Charlotte to redeem her gift certificate this Saturday. Now to text her mom.

Meanwhile, I sincerely hope this text was a mistake. (Updated to add: No mistake. The shop is indeed closing on SATURDAY, 11/12 and I think everything is going away, including the online biz. Not sure about the long arming services.) No mention of closing was made when I was in the shop two weeks ago. I know things have been tight for the shop, but didn’t realize closing down the brick & mortar side of the business was on the horizon. I will definitely miss visiting and sew days with the staff.

This leaves ONE quilt shop within a 30 minute drive of my home. The thing is this particular shop’s not necessarily the friendliest place to visit. It really depends on who’s minding the store. So thankful for my sizable fabric stash. Guess I’ll be joining my Friday sew day ladies in ramping up the online shopping for quilty stuff when necessary.

Sadie at “her” quilt shop.