Retirement core pursuit #3

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If you guessed reading, you’d be correct! I’ve read more books for pleasure in the past couple of months than I did in the past two years. My neighborhood book club has authors join us for some of our discussion groups. We’ve even been invited to the launch party of an Atlanta author’s newest book in late September. I can’t wait!

Using the Libby app and my library card, plus being more intentional with my book/magazine purchases has really helped to cut down on the amount of paper clutter in the house. It’s also helped with the monthly budget, as well. Do I still visit my favorite bookstores? Absolutely! This is how I develop my reading list. The difference is I check the Libby app first for magazines and my library catalog for a copy of the book instead of automatically buying an item. Yes, I still buy the occasional book and magazine, but only those titles that will provide value to me. I did buy Scrappiness is Happiness from Lori Holt and I bought the current issue of Quilts & More magazine. That’s been it for the past 2 months. And believe me when I tell you this was a difficult change for me to make because I adore magazines.

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  1. I’ve been doing more reading as well and will be attending my neighborhood book club for the first time tomorrow! I didn’t ask what their current selection was but even if I haven’t read it, this will allow me to meet a few more people in the neighborhood and broaden my reading list. My next stretch will be to start a ‘sewing/quilting’ day in the neighborhood club house as I recently met 2 other quilters and I know there is one more moving here later this year… from Atlanta!!

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