Retirement core pursuit #2

Vintage Singer Featherweight Sewing Machine

All the things related to quilting and sewing are tied with therapy dog activities for first place in my retirement core pursuit rankings. I do spend more time quilting than I do on therapy dog activities. That said, a therapy dog visit will outrank a local quilting activity any day of the week.

Most of my quilting activities over the past 3 months have involved organizing, purging, sewing with friends and moving projects in the pipeline toward completion.

Today, I took the Elna STAR to my Friday sew day at the library. I took the same set-up I plan to take to Salt Lake City next month. It worked perfectly. I had exactly what I needed for today’s activities and nothing more. I’ll need to pack a couple more items specific to classes I’m taking out there, but the 16″ wheeled underseat tote that holds my 3/4 size sewing machine and the big LL Bean canvas tote bag to hold everything else will work just fine! The sewing machine travels on the plane with me and everything else is packed in my checked luggage. All of the kits are included in my class fee, so hopefully, I’ll have enough room in the suitcase to bring them (and anything else I might buy) home. If not, I’ll use the big LL Bean canvas tote as a carry on item!