Retirement core pursuit #1

Today’s R.E.A.D. session at the public library

To keep this quilting related, the quilt pattern is from Simple Start, Stunning Finish by Valori Wells.

Big Girl is modeling what good listeners do. She is listening attentively as our friend reads to her. This young lady also read to Boomer prior to COVID. I enjoyed discovering a new book title for future read alouds.

Therapy dog visits with Sadie is one of my top core pursuits in retirement. Our reading program at the public library has finally resumed for the new school year. I was hoping for a more intensive version to start at a local school soon, but the school district’s legal department has put a stop to that. Spent part of today reaching out to contacts to figure out the reason behind the abrupt change in policy. We won’t waste too much time worrying about it, though. There are other nearby districts who will welcome us, but I wanted to help my own local school district kids first.