Retirement core pursuit #4

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Walking is another one of my core pursuits. I have my own personal walking partner – a 65 pound Labradoodle. Other friends and their dogs/children also join us on occasion. Sadie and I like to explore the various parks and walking trails in the area. Big Girl is good for about 3 miles. If I want to go farther, I go by myself with a favorite playlist cued up.

I guess this core pursuit could also be referred to as health and wellness. Walking, good sleep, proper hydration and healthy food definitely keep me feeling good. So does seeing a doctor on a regular basis and remembering to take my multivitamin, fiber gummies and BP meds. It did take some time and experimentation to find the right BP med for me and the best time to take it (after dinner). Alleviating stress and cutting way back on caffeine also helps control BP.