Time to get busy!

The lazy days of June and July are behind us. School started back here on August 1st. Hubs and I are finally over COVID. Fall is right around the corner. Time to get busy!

Looking for some new ideas?

Canadian designer Ira Rott has released a new pattern tech edited by yours truly – Sunflower Power Jelly Roll Rug Pattern. It looks way more complicated than it really is! Give it a try and make a cute fall quilt for your home!

Electric Quilt offers EQ8 Classes At Home for those of us who can’t make it to the in-person EQ University. I signed up for one of the classes.

Cross-stitch is experiencing a revival. Be sure to check-out Kimberly Jolly’s Flosstubes on the Fat Quarter Shop’s YouTube channel. You can also check out the myriad of quilting tutorials, as well. See if your local library offers a cross-stitch or needlework group.

Looking for a quick quilted project to donate to charity? How about placemats for Meals on Wheels? Many quilt guilds often list Meals on Wheels as one of their community service project partners in addition to Ryan’s Case for Smiles (pillowcases). There is also a designated group that will receive the guild’s quilt donations, but this group varies by guild. It’s usually DFACS or some other children’s support organization, homeless shelter, sheriff’s office or refugee support group. Use your your stash and your favorite quick quilt pattern to make a hug for someone else! Here are some ideas, more ideas and even more ideas.

As for me, I’m currently completing a picnic-size quilt for the Davis Direction Foundation Silent Auction & Fundraiser. It’s to help out my friend and provide a little PR for my sewing classes. I am targeting home school groups and youth organizations who want to learn how to sew. Taking my show on the road! I’m approaching it like tutoring. I can use the group’s space or space at the library, community center and even a local coffee shop for private or semi-private lessons. I’ve also discovered that the picnic shelter at a local ball park has electrical outlets. Great way to teach a sewing lesson while one of the siblings is playing baseball, football or soccer. Joann’s and Hobby Lobby will let you use their classroom space if no one else is using it. Larger groups of 3-5 can come to my house for Crafternoons or sewing lessons. Sure, a dedicated maker studio would be ideal, but I have no desire to finance or manage a physical location outside of my own home. I’ll be happy to rent space as needed – if the business gets to that point.

The side hustle and volunteering with Sadie are starting to ramp up! Time to get busy!

Stay quilting my friends!