Knowledge is power

Masked up and went in for my annual physical this morning. Really wish I’d checked my stats from last year’s visit before today. Turns out I gained only 4 pounds in the eighteen months since my last visit, not the 20+ pounds I thought I’d gained, (Wait, what?)

I’d actually steeled myself for a lecture about my weight. No lecture was forthcoming. When I reviewed my previous visit data, I learned that I gained a total of 16 pounds since April 2019, with the bulk of those pounds gained the first year of teaching during COVID, which was reflected at my January 2021 visit. Virtual teaching, stress, easy 24/7 access to my fridge and pantry? Need I say more?

Yes, I do need to lose weight. The doctor reminded me that the shifting body shape I’m experiencing is a normal part of aging. Diet and exercise will help me feel/look better; but there is no potion that will magically erase my meno-belly. So, I’ll get back on my modified WW points plan that I know works and incorporate the doctor’s suggestions. He asked me to report my progress back to him via the app in 3 months. On it!

My takeaway here is stop making assumptions, getting all worked up and worrying about something until I have all the facts, data and pertinent information in hand.

Now back to quilting!