Do you prefer piecing or applique?

Me? Piecing, hands-down. Most every project I’ve completed in the past two years – regardless of designer – has been pieced. Just take my Lori Holt projects for instance: A Quilter’s Cottage, My Happy Place, Great Granny Squared, projects using blocks from Vintage Christmas and Farm Girl Vintage I/II…yeah, I’m all over those.

Not so much with the half-finished Granny’s Garden that’s been languishing in my studio. Why? It’s primarily applique. The blocks are simply gorgeous, but seem to require 3x the work of a pieced block. I’m good with a mix of some applique, hand embroidery and embellishment on a quilt, but my preference is definitely not for a primarily appliquéd quilt top.

There, I said it.

That’s why I scaled Flea Market Flowers back to a single large pillow, so I can do the Dresden flower technique. I skipped Chicken Salad and decided against Prairie Meadow for the same reason – primarily applique. I did order the Prairie Shoo-Fly Stars boxed kit, though because – you guessed it – it’s a pieced project. I’m also eagerly waiting on my copy of Scrappiness is Happiness.

Now that I have more time for quilting and a desire to take on more challenging projects, I may decide to go back and tackle blocks/projects that use the Sew Simple Shapes I’ve collected. Before I do that, I’ll complete the Granny’s Garden quilt.