Learning new things

This week I took a hand embroidery and beading for quilters class with Catherine Redford. What fun!

Definitely stepped outside my comfort zone on Thursday with going to a class where I knew not one person and doing stuff way more advanced than my simple redwork and cross-stitch skills. I did enjoy the folksy look of the hand embroidery sampler, but really LOVED the beading lessons. I was amazed at the difference a bit of simple hand stitching and bead placement can make in a project. This is the extra bit of oomph I’m looking for to up my show quilt game.

Also attended my first official guild meeting this morning. There’s definitely a lot of talent and opportunities for leadership, social and skill development (for me) with this group of ladies and gents. One of the ladies I met at the embroidery class yesterday recognized me and took me under her wing during the meeting. I really appreciated her showing me the ropes. I checked out a book from the library and picked up some fabric to make placemats and a kid quilt for the charities the guild supports. Hey, opportunities to practice my FMQ and ruler work! 🙂

Enjoy some photos from Thursday’s class!

Catherine Redford, Instructor
Beading sampler
Chain stitch (plain and embellished), blanket stitch and French knots