One document in today’s mail made all the difference…

Disclaimer: This post will be retirement planning related.

In previous posts, I’ve mentioned that health insurance would be driving the early retirement bus. So far, everything’s worked with switching hubby to my health insurance coverage. Doctors are in network and claims have been paid. For me, the true test will be his visit to MD Anderson in a couple of weeks. The patient finance office at MD Anderson signed off on the new coverage, the facility and doctors show as in-network, but I was still holding my breath until we received the official pre-approval letter for all of his tests. Today’s mail brought the official approval and a big sigh of relief on my part. I am so glad I chose to add hubby during open enrollment instead of as a qualifying event. This simple action alleviated so much stress for me.

Now to the next item on my list – switch our checking account from our existing monster megabank to the credit union. Our free checking will cease the month after direct deposits stop. The credit union offers a much better package of services for its 55+ customers – and the price is certainly right – free.

Hubby reports that he has thoroughly enjoyed his first 10 days of retirement. I have to laugh, though, because he decided to cut his trip short and come home two days early. It’ll be interesting to see how things go over the next 7 weeks with him at home while I’m still working.

As far as planning for quilting in retirement, I’m buying specific things now (while I still have a paycheck) that I know I will use (for example, replacement Sizzix dies and a wheeled sewing machine tote). Yes, the retirement budget has quilty dollars in it, but I’m trying to save those for quilty travel and quilty treats! Our financial advisor has tasked us with keeping spending in check the first six months of retirement. This is the trade-off for retiring a year earlier than planned, but one we’re happy to make!

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  1. omgosh! I didn’t even think about our banking situation once my direct deposits stop… I’ll have to contact them tomorrow to ask! Thank you for mentioning that 🙂

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