Consolidating Sizzix & AccuQuilt Dies

I decided to stick with my Sizzix Big Shot Plus as my manual die cutting machine of choice.
(1) I have a number of Sizzix applique dies and most of my existing AccuQuilt dies will work in the Sizzix machine if I use the Adapter G plate.

(2) I’m making more quilts that use a lot of HST, QST and FG. Cutting and sewing HST and FG made on a die cut machine is HEAVEN. More accurate, no marking…need I say more?

(3) FWIW, I think I get a better cut using the Sizzix machine with my dies.

So, part of spring break was spent replacing the AccuQuilt dies that are too big for the Sizzix machine with the equivalent Sizzix dies. As luck would have it, many Sizzix quilting dies have been discontinued, but are still available on Amazon, Etsy, Ebay and at assorted online retailers. Locating the dies you want will require some sleuthing on your part.

My collection of dies mimics many of the components found in the AccuQuilt cube for the 6″, 8″ and 9″ blocks. I have squares, HSTs, QSTs and strip cutter dies that will cut just about anything I could ever want for these size blocks. I did have to replace 4 dies – 2-1/2″ squares, 3-1/2″ strips, and my 6-1/2″ square and HST shapes. I was also able to locate some additional dies that I thought would come in handy (4-1/2″ strip, 5″ strip and 6-1/2″ QST). I am on the hunt for a 6-1/2″ isosceles and right triangle die to complete my collection.

The square and strip dies will come in handy when doing most any Lori Holt project that involves piecing. Just as Kimberly from FQS rewrites the directions to use her beloved triangle papers, I can rework yardage requirements and cutting directions to fit my die cut machine. Remember, you are the boss of your own quilt! Make it work for you!