What’s up?

Not much sewing going on around here!

The past couple weeks of retirement have been REALLY good for hubby. The color has returned to his face, he has more energy and seems much less stressed. Hopefully, this bodes well for his scans and bloodwork next week. Stable is the desired outcome.

At least for now, I’ve learned that me still working with him retired (and home) equals no time to myself. I’m surrounded by people all day at school. I come home to hide and recharge my batteries. Was not able to do that one evening this week. It’s all new as we navigate tying up all the loose ends leaving a job entails and planning to make sure things are in place as we need them to be. One of the unexpected surprises as been learning that we can use his HSA funds to pay for COBRA insurance premiums. That’ll help immensely!

Some of my coworkers have picked up on subtle cues that I’m planning to exit soon. I deflected being put in charge of the in-house summer reading program and finally had to ‘fess up to the coworker in charge what my potential plans were. Turns out, she’s trying to get out, too! That’s why she wanted me involved. 🙂 The more I try to pull back, the more they try to engage. Not gonna work, I’m afraid.

I decided to donate Boomer’s library (the sizable picture book stash in my office) to the school library collection. I spent today cataloging and processing all the books. It seemed only fitting that the books stay with the school. Boomer’s R.E.A.D. legacy will be able to live on for many years to come.

The next 30 work days are going to literally fly by!

I can’t wait for what’s ahead!