Stay curious

Montessori education is based on the premise that the interests of the child guide the lessons and areas of study. We need to adopt this philosophy as adults. Do you actively spent time exploring things that interest you? Read a book on the topic, watch a video online, attend an informal demonstration or even take a class?

This week I’ve been able to learn more about live-streaming events at work. It was so much fun to research and try out different methods to use with our existing infrastructure and equipment. My remote “broadcast booth” amounted to my work laptop, an upgraded external webcam mounted on a tiny tripod and a borrowed Yeti Pro microphone set atop a 42″ tall audiovisual cart. We streamed via Microsoft Teams to classrooms and parents who attended the events virtually. It worked! Plus, it saved me having to haul all of the school’s broadcast studio equipment into the cafeteria to do the event live. 🙂

This same curiosity extends to trying out different methods to make quilt blocks, learning about new sewing/quilting gadgets, taking new sewing machines for a road test, trying to come up with a hack to keep my machine from eating HSTs because the machine I’m using doesn’t have a straight stitch needle plate. I posted on Instagram showing my go-to hack and asking Baby Lock to please develop one for the Jubilant. I actually have an extra needle plate on order so I can modify the current straight stitch plate and make it work with my machine. Not sure if I’ll attempt it or ask a local machine shop to do the honors. Either way, It certainly doesn’t hurt to try.

So stay curious, my friends!