In search of happiness

What makes you happy? Chances are it’s not the shiny new thing that caught your attention five minutes ago. The author of a book I’m currently reading surmises that happiness comes not from owning or purchasing a bunch of expensive stuff, but instead comes from everyday simple pleasures that don’t cost a whole lot. He also mentions that it’s totally worth it to splurge on something that will bring you joy from personal use of the object or from what you can do with that object in service to others in a way that brings you happiness.

Everyday pleasures:
Morning tea in my favorite mug
Watching TV with the other half
Playing with Sadie
Chatting with a neighbor/friend
Clean sheets
Towels still warm from the dryer
Receiving “real” mail (card or letter from a friend)
Browsing the shelves at my local library
You get the idea

Splurges that are TOTALLY worth it:
Sterling silver thimble
Great knife set in kitchen
Anniversary dinner at our favorite restaurant
Travel (any kind works for me)
Really nice stationery and writing pen
and of course…my sewing machine(s)

Sewing is definitely in my wheelhouse. It provides me with an income (classes, tech editing, custom sewing for others, limited retail sales) and allows me to be of service to others. I mend clothing, make simple pillows and my favorite – make quilts to donate for kids and others in my local community. I didn’t NEED another sewing machine. However, splurging on the Baby Lock Jubilant and various accessories was totally worth it because I now have a reliable secondary machine for production, teaching classes and taking to classes where I drive (my Elna STAR or Featherweight goes with me if I fly). Many of the classes I attend are for projects I wind up donating once they are completed. I’m one of those quilters who gives away most of what she makes.