Paper or digital planner?

How about both?

I adore my paper planner. Some days I’d truly be lost without it! A classic size weekly format planner from The Happy Planner is my current fave. Many of my teacher colleagues use the bigger size with giant binder rings, but I find this one is the perfect size for me. I also like the fact it is totally customizable and I can transfer pages/info I need to keep to a larger 8-1/2″X11″ disc-bound notebook.

My digital calendar keeps track of birthdays, other important recurring dates, bill due dates, prescription refill reminders, quilting events and other ongoing weekly reminders. Sunday mornings are my dedicated weekly planning time. I pull up my digital calendar and write out everything for the upcoming week in my paper planner. The system works for me.

I’m trying to use the digital calendar app on my phone so hubby and I can share calendars once he retires. It’s cumbersome, but I do like that everything is right there on my phone. All I need is a small notebook and pen to jot quick notes when I’m running around. The big planner can stay home.

For me, the paper planner is a must when planning/tracking quilting projects. ‘Nuff said.