Looking forward to:

  • Middle Georgia Shop Hop
  • Original Sewing Expo
  • Quilt Fest in Greenville, SC
  • Mountain QuiltFest in Pigeon Forge, TN
  • Georgia Celebrates Quilts in Marietta, GA

This gets me through mid-June! Still figuring out the back half of 2022 with regard to quilty travel.

My dilemma is: “Am I really ready to stop working?”. Yes, when it comes to leaving the current day job. I’ve been researching other opportunities in the district for someone with my particular qualifications, but honestly, I’m ready for an extended break from education.

Then, there’s the potential to expand my sewing and crafting biz:

The SE Quilt & Textile Museum is interested in having me come onboard for regular classes and July/August sewing camps.

A coworker wants me to make a butterfly memory quilt out of her step-father’s shirts as a gift to her mom.

More quilt and craft shops are looking for teachers…magazines want writers…designers want technical editors.

Parents want camps and extracurricular opportunities for their kids.

Members in my FB groups are voracious purchasers of anything I put up for sale. Selling this way avoids potentially steep Etsy fees. It’s also a target rich environment. It’s also fun to make a sale and help a customer.

It’s a lot to ponder.

78 more contract days until this phase comes to a close and a new one begins!