No turning back now

Well, it’s official! Hubby retires at the end of March. His colleagues were informed yesterday and his position vacancy was posted. From what I understand, his pending retirement had a domino effect of several major changes coming to his particular division. He thoroughly enjoyed all the accolades and well-wishes from his peers. He’s so excited about what the future holds. I am, too!

I added the Garden of Quilts at Thanksgiving Pointe (Lehi, UT) event to my September calendar today. Pardon me if I seem a little giddy at being able to schedule a trip in September when I want to go. No worries about if the event coincides with fall break or asking off from work. It’s liberating – especially after the past 25 years of life scheduled around an academic calendar.

My excitement is tempered by a lot of unknowns as we transition into retirement. Nearly every last one of them is something over which I have zero control. I need to let all that go and have a lot more faith I my planning abilities and my ability to resolve issues that may arise during the transition. Everything should be settled by October. 🙂