Unexpected delivery and looking ahead

My great-nephew arrived December 30th – some 14 weeks early. Fortunately, little man was “big” for a preemie and entered this world hollering up a storm. It’s a good thing he’s a fighter because he has some major hurdles to overcome before he can be released to go home. My niece informed us that he’d probably be in the NICU for about 3 months. Not sure when I’ll get to meet him in person, but I certainly look forward to the daily updates on little man’s progress. And yes, his quilt has been moved up in the queue!

Quilty travel is back on the schedule. I’ve booked my class for Quilt Fest in Greenville, SC and have the time off from work to go. Hopefully, a couple of friends will be able to join me, but I’m totally fine with a solo quilty retreat weekend.

Until then, my plan is to hunker down in my studio to complete assorted UFOs, a donation quilt and continue de-stashing.

Stay quilting, my friends!