Me: 1, Illustrator: 0

That sucker (software program known as Adobe Illustrator) was not going to kick my butt! I’m generally pretty tech savvy, but this app is tied with Final Cut Pro as the most challenging software program I’ve ever had to learn. I thought it was just me, but apparently a number of folks share the same opinion that Illustrator is NOT intuitive and user friendly.

Mind you, I just want to import quilt designs out of EQ8 and prepare b&w/grayscale line drawings of various parts in the quilt construction sequence for use as visuals to accompany my pattern directions. Very basic stuff. I still have a lot to learn, but I was able to manipulate the EQ8 files and create my own visuals where I needed them. Thank you to the individuals who took the time to share their knowledge in blog posts and YouTube videos.

Put it this way, the first completed pattern was sent to the designer today. She’ll have to help with two of the images because I couldn’t quite figure those out…but I’ve sure learned a lot in 2+ weeks.

A little sewing tomorrow, then on to the next pattern!

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