Focus on the important

What’s important to you? What are your top 1-3 things that must get accomplished on any given day?

Do you focus solely on completing one goal before moving on to the next? Or do you hop around and wind up getting nothing accomplished? Do you completely disengage from work when you get home? Do you turn off your phone or put it in airplane mode an hour before you go to bed?

Since today’s staff meeting only pertained to homeroom teachers, the rest of us were tasked with working on professional development activities. I did just that. I’m spending more of my professional learning time in areas that benefit the whole me, not just the library me. Today’s topic was personal productivity and effective weekly planning. I watched a couple of videos by Dr. Benjamin Hardy. In essence, I’m setting up today for the person I want to be one year from now. And I have to be 100% committed to the goals I set for myself. That’s non-negotiable for achieving the goal. Being 98% committed means you still have an out and you really aren’t all in. Keeping your options open often leads to decision fatigue and analysis paralysis. The end result is you are like a hamster on the wheel – busy, but not moving forward. This really hit home.

There’s a lot of indecision/uncertainty right now as we try to figure out the plan moving forward, but there are three things we do know to be 100% certain: (1) hubby told his boss that he’s leaving in March 2022, (2) he has a 12 month non-compete clause in his contract and (3) the cost of health insurance at COBRA rates will be $22,800 per year for our family.

So, my 3 priorities for the next 30 days are to finish the patterns I agreed to write, do some serious thinking with regard to how things might look for me in Fall 2022 and to turn off my devices by 10 p.m.

Good night!