More than a bit of a stretch

So, I said yes to writing patterns for a nationally known quilt designer. Normally, I tech edit, so this is definitely new territory for me.

One pattern morphed into four that she needs help with ASAP.

Trying to understand someone else’s patterns when you’ve never made anything (that you know of) by that designer takes a bit of time. She did provide patterns for me to study and use as guides for drafting the patterns she needs help with.

I printed the EQ8 block files, raided my stash and made a block from each of the designs.

Two were very easy to figure out the yardage requirements, block construction sequence, etc.

The other two were a bit harder and dealt in 1/8″ math instead of 1/4″ and 1/2″ increments that I can do in my sleep.

There’s more than one way to make the different units that make up a block, so I had to find out the preferred method of Flying Geese, Square in a Square blocks and HSTs.

I drafted directions on a legal pad in terms I can understand.

I calculated and recalculated cut measurements/number of pieces more times than I care to admit. EQ8 figures yardage one way and if you use a different construction method, you have to figure everything out yourself.

I successfully got one pattern laid out in InDesign. I’ll start the other one tomorrow.

My notes on the two more difficult patterns ones were sent to the designer for review before I load them into InDesign.

So, I’m glad we were out on Fall Break this past week. There’s no way I could have wrapped my head around everything entailed putting the actual pattern together had I been working full-time last week.

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