Why not you?

Every day, I check my biz email during my lunch break. Last week, I received an email from someone higher up than me in the quilting universe asking if I knew of anyone who could assist with a special project. What she was looking for required a slightly different skill set, but not something I couldn’t handle. So, I took a deep breath and responded that I might be able to help.

Well, after a lengthy phone call after school on Thursday, we decided to give it a go. At the very least, I would be able to write the pattern verbiage/check math/illustrations and she’d load it into her template in InDesign. In a perfect world, I’d be able to take the EQ8 file and generate a ready to sell pattern complete with illustrations.

So, I’m spending my Fall Break learning something new. I’m drafting two patterns right now based on EQ8 files.It’s fun. I enjoy trying to figure out how quilts are put together, so this is somewhat of a game. Once the instructions are written, I’ll try my hand at using InDesign to produce the instruction pages. Illustrator will have to come later.

Here’s the thing. If I hadn’t asked myself, “Why not me?” when I read the email (and acted on it), I would have missed a really great opportunity. This has the potential to be a sustainable part-time gig to go with me when I transition out of the school library.

So if there’s something you have some experience in, but maybe not everything being asked, ask yourself, “Why not me?” and give it a go.