It’s strictly a business decision

Deciding to cancel the kid’s classes at the quilt museum wasn’t an easy decision. I absolutely love to teach. Planning projects, teaching, and seeing my students get excited about learning…that’s my jam.

That said, I need to start evaluating teaching opportunities through more of a business lens. Hubby was the one who pointed out that the IRS mileage deduction (98 miles roundtrip) for a class with only 2 students would be more than what I’d receive in actual teaching fees. Ouch! Well, he’s absolutely correct. This doesn’t even take into account the time spent prepping for the class, commuting to/from Carrollton and actually teaching the class. (This totals about 6 hours of my time.) Then, there’s the cost of kits I make for students at the request of the museum. A class of six students is the sweet spot for this venue.

Closer to home is definitely more profitable. Fees are slightly higher. I’m not providing kits and I don’t have the commute. Classes of 3-4 kids are definitely doable. For now, my biggest constraint is a lack of daytime availability during the week due to my full-time job.

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