Outsmarting my Janome 8900 QCP

Gotta love computerized sewing machines.  Actually, I really do LOVE this machine. 🙂

I have the regular model 8900 – not the SE version.  It meant that some of the specialty needle plates would not work in my machine – like the 3 hole straight stitch plate. In an earlier post, I showed how hubs had drilled the right needle hole and I switched out the little doodad on the back with the one for the all purpose needle plate.  Wonders of wonders, the little plastic doodad underneath is what tells the computer what kind of needle plate you have.  I purchased a 100% authentic 3 hole straight stitch plate and the sewing machine wouldn’t recognize the needle plate. Gave me some error message about not being compatible.  Yeah, right.  Out came the screwdriver and I changed the little doodad on the back.  Bought a little HP Professional Foot online for $6.99.  Don’t understand why I need the HP Professional Plate with a left needle position when my 3 hole needle plate works just fine. I image it will work fine with the 2 hole straight stitch plate that came with your machine, too!

What really interests me, though, is the HP2 walking 1/4″ foot. The regular single Accuflex foot is a pain for piecing because you can’t start right at the fabric edge due to the “grabbing mechanism” behind the foot.  I wonder if the HP2 foot has that same set up, or if the foot was redesigned to incorporate the grabbing mechanism is such a way that you could use it from the edge without having to “help” the fabric move forward until the “grabber” can pull the fabric.  If so, I have a feeling it will work on the 8900 with my modified 3 hole straight stitch foot – just fine!

Anyone have this foot and can post side by side pics with the Accuflex single VD foot for comparison?

Update 11/24/2018 – The new HP2 foot is very similar to the Accuflex single foot with the grabber behind the sole. Probably works well for chain piecing, but not so much for the way I sew.  If you need a 1/4″ presser foot with walking foot capability, take a look at the Pfaff Passport or the Singer Featherweight C240.