You charge how much for that?

Otherwise known as why I stopped making quilts for hire (except for special people).

I run a business – even if it’s on a part-time basis and not my primary source of income – it’s still a business. My goal is to make a profit.

As much as I enjoy turning treasured t-shirts into keepsakes for folks, I can’t do that for $75.00 ($300-$400 maybe but not $75) – but there are companies out there that can.  Will the workmanship be the same? Oh, hell no. However, the individual will be getting something that he/she feels will meet their need at a price they are willing to pay.   That’s what matters.

Switching my business model to primarily teaching and tech-editing has been very good for me. It’s something that I can easily do in tandem with the day job. If I’ve been on my feet all day teaching library classes, I can still edit a pattern on my computer that evening with my feet propped up.  It’s also fun to work with designers and help them bring new designs to market. I’ve learned new skills, as well. I’ve actually published one pattern of my own and have another in the works. Besides, I earn more teaching and tech editing than I do making t-shirt quilts.  It took me a long time to accept this.

Goals for 2019 include increasing the number of tech editing clients to a certain level. If you are in need of tech-editing services, or know someone who is – please drop me a line. I am currently accepting projects for January 2019.