Asking for what you REALLY want

Why are we, as adults, so afraid to ask for what we want?  My 2nd – 5th grade students have absolutely NO problem in this area.  They are absolutely fearless in asking for anything and it doesn’t phase most of them in the least if I say, “No.”  They just carry on.

I need to be more like my kids.

The school district’s HR department will soon be sending out forms asking what we intend to do employment-wise for the 2019-20 school year.  I will checking the TRANSFER box. If I weren’t so close to meeting my years of service goal for retirement purposes, I’d be checking the RESIGNATION box.  (Sad to say, many teachers I know feel the same way.) So, at the last librarian meet-up, I put my name out there as a candidate for any anticipated middle school vacancies.  Hormones I can handle. I also find that I actually prefer teaching 5th-8th grade students in my sewing classes. They are much more independent and have the stamina to stick with the project at hand.

I will be asking for a change in work assignment for the upcoming school year.  I’ve finally realized that things are not going to change at my current school. My supervisors choose not to utilize my talents, respond to requests in a timely fashion or appreciate my efforts. It’s like I’m invisible. I’m damned good at what I do as a librarian, library teacher, media specialist, learning commons coordinator – whatever you want to call it. I still enjoy matching my readers with great books and teaching them how to research the $%^& out of a topic. Until this changes, my sewing business will always be a side hustle. Nothing wrong with that.