Professional Development Day = Reality Check

Today, I got to attend the state educational technology conference. I really enjoyed meeting up with some of the library colleagues whom I almost never get to see and compare notes on lessons, books and what’s working/not working in our libraries.  As much as the “research” shows fixed schedule media centers are definitely not best practice, more and more Cobb elementary specialists are being placed into the specials rotation. It was rather disheartening to learn today that one of my colleagues was placed in the rotation at her school this year.  When my colleague reached out to our district supervisor for help, she shared that she was informed that it was “her [my colleague’s] own fault that she got put in the rotation.”  Ouch!  (I’m sure there’s a lot more to the story on both sides.)  That said, I feel her pain. It’s the same supervisor who responded to my sewing/maker club by commenting “how quaint.”  Now, you see sewing machines as a regular part of STEAM activities and maker spaces. 

At the end of the day, I realized that while my situation isn’t ideal, I certainly don’t have it as bad as some other folks.  Think I will focus on being a little more grateful for the current job instead of bitching about it all the time.

Grateful for:
1. A job that pays decently well.
2. A job I enjoy most days.
3. A certain level of autonomy with what and how I teach.
4. The opportunity to be creative during the day (maker space).
5. Colleagues I really enjoy working with.
6. Admin that encourages professional development and skill building.
7. Opportunity to give back/make a difference (even if the munchkins don’t appreciate it.)