Here’s to a new adventure!

Ten years of teacher stuff sits in my dining room at the moment.  I have to visit my old school on Monday to pick up a few things I missed and other things I decided to leave behind but thought better of it once I thought about it for a bit.  After that, then it’s on to RIS and start the media makeover there.  And believe me, there’s a lot of work to be done!

It’s been interesting to hear the reasons why people think I left so suddenly.  It wasn’t a sudden decision, but rather one that was contemplated for several months. The main reason is the job was no longer a good fit for me. I did interview at a nearby school, but someone else got the job. Not a good result when the consequences for not getting the transfer now mean you are placed on the admin “$hit” list. I can’t say for sure if some other events that took place were the result of admin bungling the whole process or my punishment for trying to transfer, but it certainly wasn’t pleasant. There was no doubt I needed to move on, job or no job. Fortunately, hubs eventually got on board and we formulated a plan. An opportunity to interview at RIS came out of nowhere and within a week I was offered the position – right before the deadline to turn in my resignation letter. I am extremely thankful things worked out. The school seems to be a much better fit for me and I will have plenty of room to grow. Makes a big difference.

So, the next week will be spent sorting through all the stuff in my dining room, hauling it to the new school and seeing what I need to buy for my library and setting up a schedule to come purge one or two days a week.  I’d like to keep most of June free to relax and then really get busy once the new budget year begins July 1st.

So here’s to summer stitching, summer reading and relaxation!