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Making Memory Pillows

Believe it or not, this type of memory pillow is probably the easiest of all to make as the button placket serves as the closure.  Essentially, you cut a square to the desired size + 1/2″, place fabrics right sides together and sew all… Continue Reading “Making Memory Pillows”

Change is the only constant

Last night, I attended a lecture given by Meg Cox, a former WSJ reporter, who now writes about quilting for various publications.  Her talk covered the recent consolidation within the sewing and quilting industry.  The old guard is now retiring and closing/selling those businesses… Continue Reading “Change is the only constant”

The joy of multiples

Bet you thought I was talking about twins or triplets! Well, in a way I am. I mean investing in duplicates of commonly used sewing notions and outfitting each work area with essential items to help improve productivity and save your sanity. For example, I… Continue Reading “The joy of multiples”

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