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Finding Balance

After all this time, you’d think I’d remember how hectic the first month of school can be. Nope. The past three weeks have been a blur. I’ve done nothing but eat, sleep and breathe school. No time for gardening, housework or sewing. Thank goodness hubby was away… Continue Reading “Finding Balance”

It’s quiet – ’cause school’s back in session

Yes, school in these parts starts back God-awful early. Our summer was cut short due to an adjustment of the yearly school calendar. The good news is we’ll be completely done before Memorial Day next year. The bad news is it’s early August and I’m seeing… Continue Reading “It’s quiet – ’cause school’s back in session”

When the competition closes its doors…

Hancock Fabrics is no more.  The location near me finally closed its doors.  I fondly remember many a Saturday morning spent as a kid with my mom as we made the rounds to Cloth World and Hancock’s to look for fabric. You see, Mom… Continue Reading “When the competition closes its doors…”

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