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Should I take my craft business full-time?

Unfortunately, there is a no one-size fits all answer to that question. It really depends on your personal situation. I’m a member of 3 very different craft business development groups (ICAP, Craft Industry Alliance and Make Sell Grow).  The leaders are quite knowledgable and… Continue Reading “Should I take my craft business full-time?”

Celebrating small victories

Sometimes the only thing that keeps you going are those small victories – professional and personal.  My school district participates in a summer reading program where kids log their reading minutes in an online program. When school resumes (5 weeks from now if you can believe… Continue Reading “Celebrating small victories”

Quilting Magazines – Where have they gone?

Normally, I conduct a major studio purge every June. I tidy up in between projects, but leave the major weeding (the official library term for culling old and no longer needed items) and reorganizing until I am off for summer break. I skipped last summer because… Continue Reading “Quilting Magazines – Where have they gone?”

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