Celebrating small victories

Sometimes the only thing that keeps you going are those small victories – professional and personal.  My schCELEBRATEool district participates in a summer reading program where kids log their reading minutes in an online program. When school resumes (5 weeks from now if you can believe it!), I am going to make the BIGGEST.DEAL.EVER. about any kid who chose to participate.

Why? So far, only 10 kids (out of 1260) have logged minutes. Three kids have logged the lion’s share of total minutes recorded. It doesn’t seem like much when compared to some of the other schools in our district.

However – that’s okay!

  1. We are second in number of minutes recorded of the 8-10 surrounding schools.
  2. We are in the top 1000 schools nationwide for total minutes recorded.
  3. We’ve already surpassed last year’s record and the contest is isn’t 1/2 way through.

Of course, I want to see more participants and minutes on the scoreboard! 

BUT – I’m a realist.

A number of my students don’t have books at home.  A well-stocked, large public library is nearby, but many have transportation issues.  There are language barriers. High transience rates. Then there’s always the digital divide that means some students can’t read the thousands of free e-books available to them.

So every kid who participated will get something – a popsicle party once the contest is over. But my top 3 readers will get something extra, extra special – lunch with me and a book/magazine of their choice from Boomer.   Perhaps this will encourage even more kids to read next summer!

But one thing is for sure – we need to really ramp up the reading promotion this year.