The joy of multiples

Bet you thought I was talking about twins or triplets!

Well, in a way I am.

I mean investing in duplicates of commonly used sewing notions and outfitting each work area with essential items to help improve productivity and save your sanity.

For example, I have 3 magnetic pin cushions – one at each of my two sewing stations and one at my cutting table. I’m debating buying a 4th one to keep in my rolling sewing machine tote.  I already have a travel notions bag that contains items I simply don’t want to be without at a retreat or while teaching a class. Now that I am teaching classes 2-3 times a month, I’m slowly adding duplicate rulers so I can merely grab and go.  One thing that I can advise is to mark all of your items with your name or some identifying mark like decorative washi tape. Good quality sewing notions aren’t cheap and you don’t want to lose your favorite pair of scissors or 12-1/2″ square ruler.

I am also going to do with with my make-up bag. A couple of weeks ago, we had to go out of town to attend a funeral.  My toiletry bag was carefully packed and hanging in the bathroom while I put on my makeup that morning before we left. It was still there when I returned 2 days later. No makeup, no toothbrush, no nothing. I was able to borrow a toothbrush and made do with my host’s shampoo and soap. The only makeup I had with me was a pressed powder and lipstick. Fortunately, I had a hairbrush and lotion already packed in my suitcase. We were also in a very rural area with the nearest shopping 45 minutes away. It’s not like I had a drugstore 1/4 mile up the road like I do at home. Sheesh!