Moving on…

Fifteen years of teaching.

Done. Over. No more.

No wait.  Back that truck up.  HR called.  My transfer went through.

Talk about doing the happy girl dance!

What a roller coaster ride the past three weeks have been.  Lots of tears, sadness at the thought of leaving coworkers whom I love, but working at a job I no longer enjoyed, stress about the unknown…  Very thankful for the support and guidance from hubs as I navigated the past few weeks.

Two interviews today for jobs in other types of libraries made me realize that the school library is the place for me.  My former Assistant Principal pegged it spot on – I love what I do, I just needed someplace else to do it.  So, when HR contacted me about the transfer being approved, I almost ran off the road.  The call came as I was on my way home from the second interview. Talk about timing.

Commute will be 1/3 what it has been and the school will be a good match for me and the kiddos.  Plus, Boomer can indeed go to school.

No way was I returning to my previous school, especially after the meeting on Wednesday.  Resignation letter was already signed and ready to be presented by the due date.

As I’ve grown older, I’ve come to realize that life is too short to do something you no longer enjoy.