It’s been fun!

Yesterday, Boomer and I presented our last program at the Kemp Memorial Public Library. We had 49 kids and 23 adults at our event.  Got to see some former students along with several little ones.  Lots of fun as we had a guide-dog-puppy in training join us for the program about service dogs and therapy dogs.  Tails were wagging and lots of petting was going on.

Four years ago, Boomer and I started the R.E.A.D. program at this particular library.  We’ve worked with many wonderful families and helped to develop some great readers.  Now that I no longer work or live in the area, it is time to close this chapter of our therapy dog work and move it closer to home. A new team will be in place this fall to continue the program and take it in a new direction.

Never fear, Boomer and I will still be around every so often to substitute at the West Cobb Regional Library and to visit with our many friends who still live in the area.  After all, we did call this area home for ten years!