School Spirit Banners

Ever tried to find instructions on how to make a school spirit banner?  Huh?

I co-sponsor the reading bowl team at my school.  The academic coach (who has a lot more faith in my sewing abilities than I do sometimes) asked me to make the banner our Radical Readers will carry as they march in to the arena at the beginning of the book battle competition – sort of like the Parade of Nations at the Olympics.

We knew we wanted one mounted on a pole and made from fabric in the school colors.  The first question to answer was, “How big should it be?”.  I know you are dying to know the answer.

For your information and edification, here are the most common school banner sizes:

Marching band banners (used in parades, etc.) – 3′ x 8′ or 3′ x 10′

School banners – 3′ x 5′ or 3′ x 6′ or 3′ x 7′   (3′ x 6′ seems to be the standard size for banner contests)

For our project, I’m making a 3′ x 6′ banner out of a bottom weight poly/cotton fabric.  It will be lined with a thin layer of quilt batting.  I’m also allowing for a 3″ casing to hold the hanging hardware (a dowel rod from HD, most likely).

Once the coach gives me the wording and we decide on the color scheme (school colors are green, white and black), I can move forward with our project.  We need high contrast to read the sign from a distance, so it’ll either be white on a green or black background or green/black on a white background.  I’ll let her make that determination.

Will post pics and a tutorial when completed.