My Etsy learning curve

Well, I finally took the plunge.  My Etsy store is officially up and running.  I have  five items listed…woo-hoo!

Come visit my Etsy shop!  Simply click on the logo to visit.

(Never mind this was on LAST year’s to-do list!)

More will be listed shortly, but my camera battery needs to recharge.

Surprisingly, taking good photos and setting my prices proved to be the biggest hurdles. Other than the jar of buttons, all of the other items listed so far were part of the “gift” my neighbor left me when she moved. I have finally culled through all of the boxes and donated everything I didn’t think I could use or sell.  I paid a friend’s daughter to photograph/scan the vintage patterns that will be listed shortly.  They will probably go for $5 a pop, unless it’s a Vogue Designer Original with the label or a wedding dress pattern.  Valuing stuff I couldn’t currently find listed on Etsy took a little more sleuthing.

My pricing objective are to be fair, competitive and offer a good value to potential shoppers. I hope the pricing part will get easier as I get a little more experience under my belt.  I know it definitely did when it came to pricing t-shirt quilts.