It’s that time of year when we have the urge to start fresh and put together our list of resolutions for the new year.

I seriously thought about embarking on a year of stitching from the stash with absolutely no money spent on new fabric or supplies.  In theory that sounds good, but it’s not realistic for me.  I’m sitting on $175.00 in Joann gift cards I received for Christmas.  I have a new machine that will inevitably need an accessory or two as I get better acquainted with Jewel.  I will probably have some custom quilt orders later in the year that will require purchasing fabric specifically for those projects.

A better goal for me will be to “shop my stash first.”

The next day or so will be spent reorganizing and inventorying my stash and supplies.  With the Christmas tree now gone, I can move the larger storage chests of “garment and home dec” fabric under the stairs.  Then, I’ll purchase some more of those Martha Stewart canvas storage drawers from Home Depot to house some of my supplies, precuts and kits on the top shelf of the closet.

Happy New Year!