Small Business Saturday

The only Black Friday shopping I did was to head to Joann’s yesterday to take advantage of 60% off blades for my rotary cutter and to pick up a couple of quilting notions.  The bonus of getting there before noon was to  save an additional 25%.  I spied some fabric that would’ve been great for my needlecase swap with the AMQG, but I didn’t have 2 hours to stand in the cutting line.  Besides, my co-pilot was out in the car and eager to get to the dog park.  So, I essentially got my rotary cutter blades at 85% off the regular retail.  Works for me.

Today is Small Business Saturday.  I will be out supporting at least two of my local small businesses – an independent bookstore in Woodstock and an established quilt shop in the same general vicinity.  (The Elna likes Mettler Silk Finish Cotton Thread, so I’m going to get a couple of spools while I’m at it.)

Not sure if my sidekick is riding along today.  I could see if he’s allowed in the bookstore.  After all, he is a READing dog.