Thanksgiving prep in full swing

The bird is thawed…all 14 pounds of him.

The chocolate cake is made.

Confirmed with guests which dish they are bringing.

Checked recipe cards to make sure have all ingredients for green bean casserole and deviled eggs.

Do-ahead prep work is completed.

Sewing studio looks presentable.

House is reasonably clean (it makes no sense to do a major clean when a five year old and two dogs are going to be running loose most of the day tomorrow. Besides, the cleaning service comes on Monday.)

Part of my prep work today included making new protective covers for the arms on the man chair in the family room.  The old ones had holes in them.  Actually, the upper cushion of the chair is also looking rather threadbare these days, but I guess you would too if you were nine years old.  The furniture was originally purchased in 1994 and recovered in 2002.  We really need new furniture, but can’t find anything we both like…so we use what we have.

I’ve been sewing on the Elna Carina that Diane gifted me when she left.  There’s a long story behind this…but a new machine (Janome 6600P) may arrive in time for Christmas.  The Janome’s a flatbed and I’ve been trying to see if the Carina will work as my backup freearm machine.  Honestly, I think it could be the primary machine.  The speed controller and foot pedal combination on the Carina work well for me when I free motion quilt.  This 30 year old Elna is like the Featherweight.  Once it gets going, it sings and sews like a dream.  My only beef is that it seems to like only Mettler Silk Finish thread – not the Superior Threads or Aurifil already in the stash.

I am sew thankful this Thanksgiving.

Happy Turkey Day!