It’s the little things

Late this afternoon as I was grilling on the Big Green Egg, a small black and curly pony bounded up the 15 steps to my back deck.  Not a pony really, but a standard black poodle named Willie who is my dog’s best friend in the neighborhood.  Boomer was sitting just inside the glass door to the kitchen, so he could see Willie out on the deck with me.  Willie was quivering with excitement and kept waiting for us to let Boomer out.   The door opened and out shot a blur of cream and tan fur in hot pursuit of Willie.  Boomer chased Willie across both backyards and into the woods for a good 10 minutes, before finally herding Willie back home.  Normally, they play longer but I guess the smell of dinner cooking on the grill was more interesting than chasing Willie.

Boomer returned with a big smile on his face.  He got to run and play with his buddy for a few minutes.

It’s the little things that matter the most.