Restoring order to chaos

While on vacation, I picked up a pretty, throw-size quilt kit @ Quilter’s Way for about $30.00.  The shop had marked down various unsold kits and offered an extra discount on sale items that day.  Staff had modified the “Just Can’t Cut It” pattern that I already had at home for a 9″ block.  The price was certainly right as I was looking for inexpensive, easy tops to make so I could practice free motion quilting.  My thinking was I could either donate the finished quilt or give it away as a gift.

Well, I’m to the point where I can start assembling the quilt top.  Tonight, I went on a mission to get all of the parts to the project together and put it in one of my ArtBin containers.  I couldn’t find all of the pattern instructions.  I turned my sewing room inside out looking for that instruction sheet.

To make a long story short, yes I eventually found the missing page.  However, my sewing room looked like a war zone by the time I’d finished.

It took three hours to clean up the mess.

But it’s clean, everything is in its place and I am READY to sew tomorrow.