Kona Challenge Quilt

This one had me way outside my comfort zone.  Provided with two packs of solid fat quarters and told the winning criteria would be the best use of the fabric provided.  The finished project is my original design with a vintage meets modern twist.  My inspiration was an English cottage garden with its winding pathways and riots of colorful flowers in no particular order.  Appliqued art deco style trumpet tulips make up the corner blocks on the borders.  I had this fabulous idea for machine quilting, but when time came to execute the idea, there was a failure to launch.  It looked awful. Much reverse sewing took place, including many a decorative stitch. In the end (and up against a deadline) I wound up simply ditch quilting on the body (very busy riot of color) and free form vines in the borders.  Know what?  It works.  That’s one reason I was attracted to the modern quilt movement…simple quilting is fine.  The simple quilt design mantra is also one  Kaffe Fassett preaches in his classes.

After a brief trip out to run a couple of pressing errands, it’s back to binding.  We have to keep our challenge entries under wraps until the end of next week, but here’s a closeup of one of the tulip blocks: