Stash (noun) – an assortment of fabric collected with every intention of using it in a project *someday*.

With that bit of background knowledge shared, may I proceed?

De-stashing (verb) – (1) the fine art of culling one’s personal fabric collection; (noun) (2) the stage of fabric acquisition where one refuses to make additional purchases until existing inventory stores are depleted.

BTW – Can you tell I’ve been reviewing dictionary skills and parts of speech with the fifth graders?

I am officially on a fabric diet.  My stash runneth over and the projects I bought to do “someday” are taking up too much valuable real estate in my stash closet.  So except for the balance on my Joann’s card and the $40 Groupon to Intown Quilters, I have no more funds allotted to fabric until the UGA throw quilt, Christmas throw quilt and one of the baby quilt kits are completed. Completed means quilted, bound and ready to use.

My Etsy store is set up.  I need to get five items photographed and listed.  Like Nike says – just do it!   These items were all gifted to me by a former neighbor.  I helped her clean out 30 years worth of sewing stuff.  The bulk of it was donated, but I kept the notions, vintage patterns and cool fabric I thought I could sell to raise funds for our reading dog work.  While I gladly volunteer my time to do my therapy dog work, it does require some cash to buy the books, prizes, treats, supplies, uniforms and liability insurance required by the program. Guess I will do a little comparative shopping to see what to list my items for and then guesstimate the shipping costs.  Hope to have the items listed by week’s end.