Christmas is coming (or your t-shirt quilt gift deadline is fast approaching!)

A gentle reminder to the folks who said they wanted a t-shirt quilt to gift at Christmas…the deadline is 10/1 if you want it under the tree on December 25th.

Email or text me if you want me to put you on the schedule;  however, remember no work can begin until your t-shirts and $100 deposit are in my hot little hands.


Setting up the new studio space

Whew!  I got the t-shirt quilt completed and delivered on Saturday!

My studio looked as if a tornado had blown through it by the time I finished.  I had the normal creative clutter from finishing a project and then the utter disarray from items unpacked, but not put in a permanent spot.  I spent today, with Mom’s help, deciding where to hang pictures and assembling some storage units.  Hubs will help me hang stuff this week.  That will alleviate a lot of floor clutter and free up shelf space once the knick-knacks are returned to their rightful display cabinets.  I also need to buy a bulletin board, filing cabinet and another small sewing chair.  I had hopes for a long arm set up, but that’ll have to be put on hold for a while.  Two overstuffed chairs are in the way.


The four words that made my day…

“We want Mrs. Kent!”

Seems I have a group of little girls and their mothers who want me to teach them how to sew.  They were very disappointed that I wasn’t available to teach sewing classes at the quilt shop in July.  [I was temporarily living two hours away with my mom while we waited on our new house to be completed.]  Evenings and Saturdays are about the only time I have left with school starting back.

One of the local quilt shops takes a greater percentage of the class fees for Saturday classes.  Under this scenario, it makes it almost impossible for me to earn what I need to get out of a 2 hour class….even if I was lucky enough to get a time for a kid’s sewing class.  So, it’s on to Plan B.  I need to talk to the manager at this shop about using the classroom space before someone else claims it.