Facing my fear and moving on

Today, I did a hard thing. I made a visit with Sadie to a facility that I didn’t think I’d ever visit again. Too many bad memories associated with that place.

Why did I agree to visit? Because a friend asked. And I needed to move past what had happened previously.

Our visit lasted about 75 minutes. Everyone was all smiles when they saw Sadie and me coming down the hall. Big Girl definitely added to her fan club today.

As we were leaving, I ran into the person who’d caused me so much grief in the past. She actually looked a little uncomfortable to see me there with my new pet therapy partner. I simply smiled, introduced Sadie and told her I looked forward to more invitations to visit now that I was retired.

I walked out of the building with a big smile on my face and a lot of emotional baggage gone. .

It was a great visit!

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